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Blaupunkt AMK44 4 Gauge AWG 2200W Car Audio Complete Amplifier Wiring Kit Blue

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Blaupunkt AMK44 4 Gauge AWG 2200W Car Audio Complete Amplifier Wiring Kit Blue

If you are looking for a reliable and easy way to install a car audio amplifier in your vehicle, look no further than the Blaupunkt 4 Gauge Amplifier Kit. This kit contains everything you need to connect your amplifier to your car’s battery, speakers, and stereo system. The kit includes:

  • 4 GAUGE ultra-flexible solid blue power cable 17-Feet
  • 4 GAUGE ultra-flexible solid black cable 3-Feet
  • Ultra-flexible grey remote cable 17-Feet
  • Ultra-flexible transparent interconnect cable 17-Feet (100% oxygen-free material)
  • Ultra-flexible transparent speaker cable 17-Feet
  • Fuse and Wires

The Blaupunkt 4 Gauge Amplifier Kit is designed to deliver high performance and durability for your car audio system. The power and ground cables are 4 gauge AWG ultra flexible. The RCA audio cable features twisted pair technology to reduce noise and interference. The speaker wire is color-coded for easy identification and installation. The fuse holder and the fuse are gold-plated to ensure optimal current flow and protection.

The Blaupunkt 4 Gauge Amplifier Kit is compatible with most car audio amplifiers that have a maximum power output of up to 1500 watts. The kit is easy to install and comes with detailed instructions. Whether you want to upgrade your existing amplifier or install a new one, the Blaupunkt 4 Gauge Amplifier Kit will provide you with the best quality sound and performance.

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