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Monster Power 12 AC Outlets 2 USB 3.4Amp Ports and Coaxial In-Out Surge Protect

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

Monster Power 12 AC Outlets 2 USB 3.4Amp Ports and Coaxial In-Out Surge Protection

Monster FireProof Technology Keeps You Safe
- Would you use a surge protector in your home if you knew it could catch fire? In the event of a surge, excess energy is absorbed by a component called an MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor). The excess energy is then dissipated as heat. The problem is that with ordinary surge suppressors, that heat can cause sparks and eventually a fire that can quickly spread in your home or office. With Monster FireProof MOV surge protectors, the MOV is encased in ceramic to contain the excess heat, making your first line of defense against home electrical fires.
All the Connectivity Options You Need
- Featuring AC outlets for AV equipment or computers, plus 3.4A USB ports for ultra-fast charging of mobile devices, the Black Platinum range has plenty of connection options for all your gadgets and gear.
A More Reliable Streaming & Gaming Experience
- The included Powerline Communication adapter means existing AC power lines can be used to provide a reliable and strong Internet Connection. Sit back and enjoy a better streaming and gaming experience.
Get Awesome Sound and Video
- The power in your home is subject to interference that can affect your TV’s picture and sound. Our surge protectors include Monster® Clean Power® technology to help ensure that your components perform at peak levels. With Clean Power® Stage 2, you get two isolated filters optimized for audio and video for a crystal clear image and detailed sound.

* FireProof MOV power protection protects your family, not just your equipment
* Powerline Ethernet adapter for easy setup of a more reliable internet connection
* 12 AC outlets
* 2 USB 3.4A outlets
* 6-foot cord
* 3200 Joules of protection
* Comes with cable/satellite connection to protect your entire AV system
* Dual Mode Plus surge protection for even the most powerful power surges
* Monster Clean Power Stage 2 noise filtration offers better picture and sound

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