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Raptor R4R3 MID SERIES Dual Twist Audio RCA Audio Interconnects Cables

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

Raptor R4R3  MID SERIES RCA  Cables

The standard Mid Series RCA audio cables will have right-angled connectors that fit better into shallow applications, allowing for less looping wires and a cleaner installation. The Mid Series amp kits have also been updated to use these same RCA cables.

  • Dual Twist
  • 2 Channel
  • Compact Tip Design
  • Flexible Construction
  • 3 foot cable length
  • Low cost shielded RCA patch cable
  • Molded nickel RCA tips
  • Clear jacket with copper wiring
  • Single shielding with coaxial type winding
  • Easily connects car radios to external amplifiers
  • Can also be used for home audio connections
  • Perfect for sound boards and patching bays
  • 2 Channel cable - connects only left and right audio signal

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